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BEAUTIFUL, MODERN GLASS JAR SET – These 500ML glass jars are a great, fun, and healthy way to drink beverages such as fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, detox water, and infused-waters and are the perfect canvas for adorning with decorations for arts and crafts.

GREAT FOR BEVERAGES – These bottles are excellent for serving and displaying freshly-made smoothies, cold coffee, iced tea, milkshakes, cold-pressed juices; the milk bottles are even great for bottling cow’s milk and nut milk. Infuse and process beverages for second fermentation with fruits, spices, and herbs flavorings in these glass jars for custom-flavored artisan juices, and vitamin and nutrient-packed teas.

GREAT FOR STORAGE – The glass jars have an airtight seal lid to prolong the shelf-life of contents and a crystal clear finish for easy visibility, allowing you to know what’s inside and to check progress on fermentation.

FULL-WIDTH MOUTH – These jars have straight walls all around-no tapering as you get closer to the opening-for a modern, full-width mouth that is convenient for filling the jar with hefty fruits and veggies, while also making it easy to eat right out of the can with a spoon. The jar’s wide opening also allows for trouble-free cleaning with a bottle brush.

QUALITY OF GLASS – Made of high-quality, durable, soda-lime glass. The jars are food-safe and lead-free for healthy, non-toxic drinking.


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